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JUDY ANNE " JUDAY " ViLLAMER | 17 years old | San Pedro,Laguna | Filipina | SiNGLE ♥ | BSED Major in English at PUP | future English Educator | RED♥ Lover | Mickey Mouse Addict Ü | DANCER | Loves acoustic songs | Loves public speaking | Loves to dance,sing,act,play a guitar.





I do not own any photos that I reblog or post. If you see any photo that is yours, kindly message me so I can credit you properly. Thank you.


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The first sign you notice when you begin to gain feelings towards a person,is just how easily you get jealous when they give others the attention which you crave. ♥

Chocolate Cake, Cookies & Cream Ice Cream and Lumpiang Sariwa for breakfast. ♥ Maybe later, my stomach keeps on rumbling . Hahaha! :D

Yung height ko parang lovelife ko lang din, walang progress. ♥ -_-

A good start of my day. ♥ Yung feeling na pagkabukas mo pa lang ng FB mo, chinat ka na agad ni Crush? He really makes my “Good Morning” literal. Ohmygee. I’m on a cloud nine right now. ~

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